✧Hello, World!✧

Series: Seven Deadly Sins | Meliodas & Elizabeth (Far Right): YOKO X AOI Cosplay | King (Center): IG – @penny_kosey | Diane: MicroKitty | Ban: IG – @takingbacksam | PC: Kennedy Vu

Hey, everyone! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

☆ This is Yoko~~ ☆ It’s been about a week since we came back from Anime Expo 2017, and oh my gosh, it has certainly been an overwhelming experience for me and Aoi–and our friends, Sam and Kenny!  First of all, I would like to say–that for the most part–AX was amazing and full of countless opportunities to meet new people, make new friends, see a few familiar faces, and experience something different every year! ☆

We were at the far left, with our Ban.  Picture taken at AX 2018’s The Seven Deadly Sins Gathering.  | PC: Bandai Namco

The last time Aoi and I went–back in 2013–it was pretty cool, but this year, we went back with a much smaller group, and it was fantastic! (ノ `・∀・)ノ゙ It’s always great to see and meet cosplayers from all over the world, such as Singapore! ★ It’s neat to see the thousands of talented people, who have either poured their heart and soul into making their cosplays or perfecting the art to look like the character they are cosplaying as! ★

A selfie of us two as Sasuke and Sakura (4th Great Ninja War, Battle Damaged)!

Anyway, this is our first blog post!  ( •⌄• ू )✧ I’m excited to say that this is the place where we will be posting up reviews for cosplay-related products, such as makeup, circle lens, cosplays, accessories, and so on forth!  Perhaps, in the future, we’ll even post videos of our nerdy adventures!  We hope that you’ll be back for another visit, and thank you for your support and interest in our content!  Also, if you enjoyed this post, Follow our blog–check out our Facebook if you want–maybe our Instagram–or maybe do all three!

·◌̊ˈ* Yoko °◌̊


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