Cosplay Contact Review: EOS Super Neon Green Circle Lens

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 12.44.47 PM

Contact Lens: EOS Super Neon Green

Brand: EOS

Diameter: 14.5 mm

Water Content: 38%

Base Curve: 8.8 mm

Life Span: 1 year disposal

Comfortability: 10/10

Color Visibility: 6/10

Hey there!

So, it’s super tough being a person with super dark brown eyes and trying to find out which crazy colored circle lens will show through!  This past year, my old Sakura Harmon circle lens expired, so I had to go buy a new pair for her before Fanime.  Aoi and I bought our contacts from Loveshoppingholics, and every pair was great! So, we decided to try again!

I ended buying the EOS Super Neon Green circle lens, because they seemed great on some people’s eyes in their pictures and I thought they were supposed to be…well…super neon green like the name.  But when they finally arrived in the mail and I went to go try them on, I was super…disappointed, because they looked so great online…and they looked so dark on my eyes.  I mean, I’m sure they probably look amazing on lighter colored eyes–but for people with brown eyes, it doesn’t live up to its name.  Period.

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 12.55.38 PM

EOS may have helped me by a lot last time, but it didn’t this time.

Still, I found the contacts to be comfortable.  The EOS brand was said to be great, and I do still think the line has a pretty nice selection!  I’ll be buying new green contacts soon, so I’ll update when I can about that!

With a heavy heart though, the final rating of the EOS Super Neon Green circle lens?


2 out of 5 hearts :c

Hope this review helps!

– Yoko


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